Delish Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce


B & C Enterprises

We are pleased to announce that we are currently the only authorized US distributors of Delish Products Ltd.


At this time we can offer all three flavors

Original Yellow

This is a mustard base sauce offering plenty of heat.  

     It makes an excellent addition to anymeat, fish and eggs 

or could be added to spice up any recipe.


Much like the original hot pepper sauce,

             it adds a delicious flavor to any meal.

               These sauces are made with Scotch

               Bonnet peppers.


For those of you who prefer a

      little more mild flavor, this sauce

       uses cucumbers to provide your

       dishes with a unique flavor.

We are currently offering all three flavors in 12 ounce bottles


1 - 5 bottles $9.95 each

6 or more bottles $9 each

Shipping is calculated per order


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